Hello, collectors of Royalty postcards!

Welcome to the website of Mrs. Inger Gyland, Oslo/Norway. I have been a collector of Royalty postcards from mostly all over the world for many years – old as well as modern postcards.

I have lots of Royalty postcards from several countries for sale, mostly from the last 40 years, but also older postcards. They are in very good condition, most of them unused.

In addition to the postcards, I have also other Royalty collectibles for sale, like photos, books, calendars etc.

If you are interested in any of the postcards and other collectibles I have for sale, please send me a message to: royaltypostc@gmail.com.


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Postcards for sale – latest update: 22.11.19

Old Danish postcard

New English postcard

New postcard from Luxembourg

Old Dutch postcards

Old Swedish postcards

Old Norwegian postcards

Old Belgian postcards

Old postcards from Thailand

Old German postcards

Non-royalty postcards

Photos for sale – latest update: 18.08.19

Old photo from Denmark/Sweden

Collectibles for sale – latest update: 23.11.19

Collectibles from Norway